Check out our new colors!  Kitman and I have been working on a variety of colors to put in our store.  It is so fun to consider colors we want to produce and imagine how to mix the dyes to achieve those colors.  Most of the time we are pleasantly surprised by our results being close to what we intended.  But sometimes it doesn’t exactly work out the way we envisioned. Surprise, it is actually better! I LOVE those happy accidents.  As Bob Ross, (painter, TV art instructor) says, “We don’t have mistakes here, we just have happy accidents.” As we build our inventory I am sure Kitman and I will have many more happy accidents.

The Wimberley Shawl Kit is still available in our ETSY store. If you are interested, it is still not too late to grab one for yourself. Also, We have aFacebook Page now, please hop in and click like for our page!



Deep Forest Green


Crimson Tide


Golden Rod








Sour Apple


Teddy Bear


Pale Lilac




A Texas Fall

As we mentioned in our previous blog the photo inspiration for our first colorway comes from Ylva Forstén. Ylva is a native of Finland and now resides in Texas. She is also a fellow knitter. She recently has been busy knitting for her new grandbaby, the cute and lovable Felix. Because we began our new business adventure in the fall we wanted a photograph that reflected what we see at home in the fall.


This photograph is an image of Ylva’s fence line in front of her home in Wimberley, Texas. She captured our Texas fall wonderfully in her photograph. This gave us the perfect feel of a beautiful sunny fall day with a Texas flare. The colors that we created for our yarns are called golden grass, cactus blue and weathered grey. These colors were not meant to be perfect reproductions of colors found in the photograph but are colors inspired by the image. We are very pleased with our results. I hope we have produced colors that will inspire you on your next project. And if you are looking for a project to begin, Kitman has designed a beautiful shawl she is calling Wimberley.


We are offering this pattern in a kit from now until January 6th. The kit is comprised of one of the three yarns (golden grass, cactus blue, weathered grey–you may choose which color), and the Wimberley pattern that Kitman designed for the launching of Tumbleweed Yarn. You can now order this kit at our ETSY store,

Just like most of Kitman’s designs, Wimberley is a heavy textured bottom up lace shawl. In this pattern, you will get to play with some twisted stitches and simple cable stitches. A skein of weathered grey Aubrey (100% Superwash wool) was used to make a mini size of Wimberley that gives size 19″ x 44″. To make a larger size Wimberley, you will have to add a few more repeats of the pattern at both sides of the triangles and use two skeins of Aubrey.


cactus blue shawlcrop

There are two different kits now available in our ETSY store. You can buy either 1 skein or 2 skeins of yarn in the colorway you wish. We will dye the yarn once the orders are received. This kit is available through the 6th of Jan. Please allow 10 – 14 days for the yarn to be dyed, packaged and delivered to you.

A New Year

Hi, my name is Diana Story and 2013 is going to be an exciting and rewarding New Year. Most exciting for me is my new creative endeavor.  My very talented sister-in-law, Kitman Figueroa, proposed to me a while back that we learn to hand dye yarns.  Kitman is an accomplished knitter and designer and was interested in broadening her knowledge of her craft.  She has been fortunate to work with some very high quality yarns in a glorious array of colors.  I love to hear her talk excitedly about a new skein of yarn. I remember her referring to one skein as the queen of her collection.  I wonder what that skein will turn into one day. Maybe it will remain, as it is, a little piece of art unto itself.

I myself am a jack of many trades. I have always had a love of the arts and have been fortunate enough to work all my adult life in creative occupations.  Most recently I was a high school theatre teacher for 12 years.  Before that, I was a professional costume designer.  Materials, and more importantly color, have been a love in my life for a long time.  Kitman thought our combined talents should give birth to our new business of hand dyeing yarns.  So Tumbleweed Yarn was born. We named our business Tumbleweed Yarn because of where we live.  We are both transplanted Texans.  Kitman is from the exotic country of Malaysia and I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Not so exotic but very different from Texas. We wanted a name that was reflective of our adoptive new land.  I remember as a child moving from Wisconsin and not knowing much about Texas, I expected a Texas that I had seen in the TV shows—cowboys on horses and tumbleweeds blowing across the dry lands.  A little naïve of me, after all I was moving to the big city of Dallas where there is nary a tumbleweed.

Because of our new business, the last few months have been a wonderful time of learning and growing for us.  A photograph taken by a friend named Ylva Forsten inspired our first three yarn colors. We wanted colors to reflect the natural beauty of where we live.  Even though Kitman and I live in big cities we do not have to travel far to see what Ylva has captured in her photo. We not only want to provide a quality product but we want to help inspire your projects.  Working in the theatre has given me the chance to work with wonderful artists and has shown me how exciting collaborating on a project with other talented people can be.  We want to bring that same collaboration to our business.  In fact, every month or so we would like to feature a photograph that one of you have sent us that will inspire our new line of colors.  The photograph should be reflective of what you consider home. It could be a landscape or a favorite old chair.  It will be so exciting to see your interpretations of home. The person who has their photograph selected will be featured and they will receive a fabulous door prize. So email us your photos and lets work to inspire each other.

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