“Look Mom, look what I made!”


So I think I have mentioned before that I am a novice knitter.  My Tumbleweed partner, Kitman, is our expert in all things knitting.  When I was growing up my grandmother taught me to crochet so I know that I have some aptitude for crafts with needles.  But that was many, many, years ago, and a few things have replaced that information in my already overworked brain.  And when she was teaching me she only spoke Spanish and I unfortunately barely have the gift of English.  So I am not sure how much of it took in the first place.  So I have begun my journey to proudly and without hesitation call myself a knitter.

I began this journey with buying a beginner’s knitting book at Half Price bookstore.  I worked on several of the projects to get a feel for the terminology, different stitches, and reading patterns. The fruits of my labor being several random pot holders.


It was fun, but I was anxious to make something that I could wear.  I tried socks.  My hands and brain were not ready for 4 needles and shaping. So my friend Cindy and I found this pattern by Lijuan Jing that we decided to do together.  My first knit-along! Cindy assured me that I should not be afraid of more then 2 needles and the fact that it said “intermediate pattern” should not dissuade me from trying.  Well, the scarf that I made did not come easily and no one should look too closely at the stitching–but I am proud of the final result.  If for nothing else, I would not let dropping stitches, losing count, and a host of other frustrations deviate me from finishing the project.  So like a 6 year old child showing mom my hand painted pencil holder, made from a milk carton covered in Popsicle sticks, I proudly share my Swirl Scarf with you.  Next challenge…back to socks.

Happy Knitting,



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