Yarn Bombing!

Pack up your spray paint cans you pesky graffiti artist because you cannot beat the guerilla knitters that have taken yarn bombing to the streets.


Yarn bombing if you don’t already know (and I didn’t until just recently) is a type of street art that uses knitted or crocheted yarn to decorate the everyday objects that you find in the great outdoors.   Yarn bombers stitch cozies for everything from park benches to lamp post and everything in-between.


I found out about this fantastic form of expression just recently on a near-by neighbor street that is home to some wonderful homespun restaurants. I was going to one of my favorite said restaurants when I noticed all of these bright punches of color winding around the lampposts, bike racks, park benches and even the trashcans.  My curiosity was peaked and upon further investigation I found out about yarn bombing.


Our neighborhood yarn bombing was the result of a local artist (Amber Bailey) who worked with children and adults alike to create these knitted goodies to adorn our street in order to call attention to an upcoming young artist street fair.  HOW FUN IS THAT?  You can bet that if this is an annual event that I will definitely be a part of this endeavor next year.  And this type of street art makes you smile rather then reach for the phone to call the gang crime unit!



You should check out yarn bombing on the Internet.  You will see some amazing examples of this art form.  If you have seen or been involved in yarn bombing, I would love to hear about it and definitely would love to see some pictures.  Share please!

Happy Knitting and Crocheting,



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