The Right Tool for the Job

My latest project was a cable knit scarf, which I selected for the purpose of learning how to do the cable stitch. I am quite proud of the results and now I have another tool in my knitting toolbox, both figuratively and literally. Beginning knitting can seem a little boring; knitting and purling over and over again to learn consistency in tension and confidence in technique can seem somewhat unglamorous. However, these are the building blocks and most essential of stitches to master. As I learn different stitches the more my imagination and creativity start to flow, which just increases my love for the craft.

Cable Scarf

Featuring Tumbleweed Yarn colorway Crimson Tide

The pattern I selected was a free pattern I found on Ravelry by Lauren Sanchez. It is an interpretation of a scarf worn by Kevin Costner in the Hatfields & McCoys mini series. I knitted this scarf as a gift for a dear friend who lends me his computer graphic talents from time to time. The scarf is knitted in our Tumbleweed Yarn colorway Crimson Tide. I hope he enjoys the scarf as much as Kitman and I have appreciated his graphic contributions to our little business.

The literal tool I gained from learning to cable knit is the cable needle. Although I was initially taught how to cable without using an extra needle, I opted to try one after watching a couple of different video tutorials. Having lived in a fixer-upper house for 23 years, I much appreciate and value the use of a good tool that makes the job easier. I tried cabling with a plastic u-shaped needle, a crochet hook and a birch wood cable needle. I found that I really liked the birch wood needle. It is a straight needle about 3” in length and is thicker on the ends then in the middle. The needle is shaped this way so that the loops that you transfer to this needle will not easily slide off as they hang waiting to have their turn at being knitted. I also like that the needle was made of the same material as the knitting needles I was using. It help to give a consistent feel to my stitching.

Cable Needle

Cable Needle

When doing any sort of creative work, having the right tool makes the experience so much more enjoyable. With that lesson learned, I will continue to add to my toolbox, both figuratively and literally.

Next…I think I’ll try a hat!

Happy knitting and crocheting,

Diana Story and Kitman Figureoa