Lone Rangers

We here at Tumbleweed Yarn love experimenting with new colorways and yarn bases and sometimes we have happy accidents in our experiments. The resulting colorways would be impossible to reproduce. These happy accidents along with a few colorways that we are retiring are part of our “Lone Rangers” series. For a limited time we are offering our Lone Rangers at a discounted price. So if you like these one-of-a-kind beauties, please don’t hesitate to order; because once they ride off into the sunset with a hearty “Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!” they will not be seen again.

 bluegreenranger_zps95ce1f34 greenswirlranger_zps64910e94 limeranger_zps42ceda4f orchidranger_zpsbb580231 plumranger_zps6be6a363 purpleranger_zps1fa6f8f6 redranger_zps9ab33153 rustyranger_zps60f2d3db sandburstranger_zpsdd496daf