School Days!

In honor of the beginning of the new school year, we have added to our line of self-striping yarn. All of my children made it adorably through their grammar school years, awkwardly through their middle school years and even managed the sometimes-tumultuous high school years. And I am proud to say they all three graduated from college in a timely fashion; which is quite the opposite from me, I was on the 6-year undergrad degree plan. Yikes! So the beginning of the school year in our household has evolved and changed throughout the years. Even though we don’t pack lunches anymore for our wee ones, we still have that excitement once a year at the beginning of fall. The reason being that my husband is a college professor at the University of Texas, Arlington. He has been teaching at UTA for over 35 years. And even though there is not as much pep to his step as in his younger days, he is still excited by each new school year. So in honor of my husband and the first year students, we have named our new self-striping yarn with the college life in mind.


professor 1


sorority girl


Rah Rah!

We also dyed our first new fall color of the year, Pumpkin Patch.

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 1.57.59 PM

We hope to have more soon.
Visit our Etsy website to get a closer view of these lovely yarns.

Thank you to our Instagram follower, andylanechapman for the school inspiration!

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 2.01.41 PM

In other news, Kitman and I are working hard to stock our shelves for our next fiber fair. We will be participating at the Blackland Prairie Artisan & Fibre Faire in Van Alstyne, Texas on September 20th and 21st.
Come out and see us if you are in the neighborhood.

Happy knitting and crocheting!

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