We Made More!

Kitman and I have rolled up our sleeves, donned our aprons, and have been like little mad scientists mixing our powders together to come up with some beautiful new colors to share with you.  Please visit our Etsy site to find more detailed information about our yarn colors.  I hope you like the colors as much as we liked creating them.




Miss Kitty


Sonoran Desert


Dusty Sky


Prairie Grass


Prairie Grass





Happy Knitting and Crocheting,

Tumbleweed Yarn

Diana and Kitman


Inspired Colorway of February

Well, Kitman is off celebrating Chinese New Year with her family and friends in Malaysia.  She promises to come home with wonderful stories and pictures with which to entertain me.  Our first month of business has been fun and exciting.  We feel so proud as we send out each of our little packages to customers from around the world.  In fact, that is one of the most exciting parts–seeing what wonderful places where our yarn is sent and imagining the beautiful final products that will come from them.

We continue to build our stock with new colors.  And as we build, we look to you for inspiration.  A photograph sent to us by Brian from Midland, Texas inspired our 3 newest colors.


Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 8.34.29 AM

In our first blog we encouraged anyone to send us a photo that reflects a sense of home.  In reply, Brian sent us this photograph of an orchid.  Nature really does supply us with the most magnificent color schemes. Brian wrote to us that his mother was blessed with a green thumb and that his childhood home was filled with potted plants and fresh flowers.  Although he claims that his thumb is not quite as green as mom’s, he still loves to have the beauty of flowers and plants decorating his home.

Brian is a beginning knitter and hopes to be knitting sweaters for his beloved pal Max before to long.


Being a beginning knitter myself, may I suggest that you start with a simple dog collar or small throw for Max’s dog bed?  I made the mistake of choosing to knit a pair of socks as one of my first knitting projects. This was a mistake.  My brain and hands could not handle a simple pair of socks, so I have decided to focus on flat objects for a while, to build my confidence before I try shaping again.  But one day I will be a sock genius.  As the expert knitter on our team, Kitman will help me to achieve this goal.

Because Brian’s photo was selected for our inspiration, Tumbleweed Yarn will be sending Brian a skein of yarn so he can get started on that sweater for Max.  We would love to see Max in his finery, so perhaps Brian will be kind enough to send a photo when he is done.  Living in Texas, I know there is a very small window of time in which Max will be comfortable in knitwear; but for our sake I’m sure he would be willing to model for us anytime.

Anyone who has a photograph that would be a good color inspiration, please send us a copy (mailto:tumbleweedyarn@hotmail.com).  If it is selected, you will be helping us with our next colorway and receive a skein of our yarn in appreciation.

Diana and Kitman


Check out our new colors!  Kitman and I have been working on a variety of colors to put in our store.  It is so fun to consider colors we want to produce and imagine how to mix the dyes to achieve those colors.  Most of the time we are pleasantly surprised by our results being close to what we intended.  But sometimes it doesn’t exactly work out the way we envisioned. Surprise, it is actually better! I LOVE those happy accidents.  As Bob Ross, (painter, TV art instructor) says, “We don’t have mistakes here, we just have happy accidents.” As we build our inventory I am sure Kitman and I will have many more happy accidents.

The Wimberley Shawl Kit is still available in our ETSY store. If you are interested, it is still not too late to grab one for yourself. Also, We have aFacebook Page now, please hop in and click like for our page!



Deep Forest Green


Crimson Tide


Golden Rod








Sour Apple


Teddy Bear


Pale Lilac